Back into the modeling.

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Back into the modeling.

Postby SRV Ron on Tue Jan 18, 2011 5:21 pm

Took a while to find my password to log in.

Lots has happened since the last posting. Since it is time to model some more Sears Kit Houses and other structures, I just reinstalled Model Builder on a Window 7 computer, no problem, and updated to the current release.

Current winter project is detailing the buildings on the SRV Train Club city module with lighting and interior. This detailing allows for lots of little details that can be seen through the windows of those rooms that I have lighted.

I have done the sandwich shop with parkay floor and benches and interior and exterior LED lights. One lights the three on three basketball game in the alley. The Palace theater had its power hungry interior light replaced with LED. The street lights are also LED.

Current building just finished, once the fire escape is installed, is the clothing store. Mannicans are in the front window. a couple sits on the sofa upstairs, there is a bathroom with the light on, Sun worshipers are on the roof.

For the LED, due to the amount I will be using, I have cannibalized a 250 clear mini white LED Christmas tree light set. The actual minis LEDs are just pressed into their sockets. For my purpose, as I will be powering them on 12-15 volts, I wire four in series with a 1k limiting resistor. I can glue the bulbs into place as well as bend the leads to serve as a wall mount. Painting the back side finishes it to look like a fixture.

As these LEDs have a dished top instead of rounded, I can point them straight up for street lights and paint the dished top silver. The light then reflects to the side.

Since the entire neighborhood is in a bad area of town, I will be using Model Builder with PSP Photo X to model some boarded up abandoned buildings.
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