Marcus' Billiard Hall

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Marcus' Billiard Hall

Postby gazerm42 on Wed Oct 28, 2009 10:49 pm

This is a cool building, the only problem is the roof lines. The roof can be a little bit of a pickle, but if I did it, you can do it too. I have included some instructions in the file and in the picture included with the file on the upload page. When putting in the gables on either side of the small dormer use tabs to hold them in. I connected them to the opposite sides of the roof with tabs. You may have to trim the tops of these "inside" gables so the roof fits properly. The gable that closes up the roof on the end is connected with tabs at the two points shown in the picture on the upload page. So basically you end up with 2 gables in between the 2 outer gables so that the area exposed on the sides of the dormer fills the roof line angle.

To cover the dormer with shingles cut a piece the size you need to cover that dormer side. Line up the roof section and mark where you have to cut to "raise the roof" over the dormer. I used rubber bands to hold that section in place while glueing. You may also want to shorten up the length of the roof coming out over the dormer, since it's raised slightly it ends up being longer and needs to be trimmed.

Everything else is normal construction. I would like to see someone else's version of this building when they get through with it. Please post it in the forum.

Thanks- Gazerm
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