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Postby kjh58 on Thu Feb 25, 2010 8:34 am

Hi there from Germany !
I've downloaded your program last week and installed it without any problems on Win7(32bit). I've constructed a few building that were longtime candidates on the wish list for my H0 model railroad (East coast,PRR/NYC,60s). Everything worked out extremely fine without any problems. A very nice program !!
I have 2 questions:
- A few wishes to improve your program I found in the wish list thread. Can you give us a date for the next update ?
- It would be nice if I could buy the other ad-ons by downloading them. Could you please enable this ?
Keep up the good work !
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Re: Download Add-Ons

Postby evande on Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:09 am

glad to hear you are enjoying the software. Right now we offer the Brickyard program
for Model builder as a download.
The other programs that currently plug-in are graffiti:
and stained glass:, thanks for the suggestion to make them download-able I will work on getting those ready to go and announce here when they are ready.

Soon to come as a plug-in is Sign Creator
which gives you traffic signs, hazardous materials signage, no parking, no trespassing, etc. That is what we have been working on lately, it is almost completed.

Regarding the wish-list, the items on there are going to take some time to complete. We started the list in order to get input on what direction our modeling fans would like us to head. And we will continue to work on those features as we go along. We do not like to give exact dates, as you may know things usually take twice as long as any estimate, especially with Microsoft changing versions and throwing fun tricks into the mix.

As items do get completed and tested we will make announcements on the wish-list thread. To subscribe to a thread, click on the thread of interest and then scroll down, there should be a checkbox "Notify me when a reply is posted" that way you can get information without having to frequently check the thread.
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