Well here I am again!

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Well here I am again!

Postby billbuv on Thu Dec 17, 2009 5:20 pm

I first got started in HO scale in 1947. you could not buy scale buildings then except some junk so I started to make them from cardboard and balsa wood. My last HO layout was a trolley city layout running on overhead wire. This was torn down in about 1973/4 and the remaining equipment was sold in 1983. From 1974 to 2008 I was inactive in scale modeling. This year, 2009, I started again, this time in N Scale (what was I thinking? - I am 77 years old, I should be working in O Scale :lol: ). Anyway I have started building English paper buildings(scalescenes.com) and some papercreek.com. I also am building a few DPM models. I have just got Model Builder and the Modelers Toolkit. They arrived yesterday and I have only played around with them so far. I do not have my layout started yet but I have five buildings finished and four in progress( on DPM buildings I like to do the superstructure first and then airbrush several at a time and then finish the details later). I can see that there is a lot of very good information on here and one of these days I may be uploading some of my own designs.

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